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Gritty Book Cover Experiments


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I've been playing around with a different style of book cover today and came up with the two attached covers.
It's the same sort of style on each cover but they are for very different genres. (Both the books and their authors are completely fictional.)
Does anyone have any constructive comments, suggestions or criticisms?
Too much or too little grit? Do the typefaces work? Are the colours okay? Too much or too little going on? What would you have done differently?
I'm not sure if I'll be taking these any further but it would be nice to hear good feedback.

Fallow Ground.jpg

Hers For The Taking.jpg

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18 hours ago, GarryP said:

Too much or too little grit?

I thought it was snow, especially in the first one where it appears to have settled on the ground

And what's with the Dragon and why are they trying to shot it out of the sky?

To save time I am currently using an automated AI to reply to some posts on this forum. If any of "my" posts are wrong or appear to be total b*ll*cks they are the ones generated by the AI. If correct they were probably mine. I apologise for any mistakes made by my AI - I'm sure it will improve with time.

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@Fred Lespine The confusion/melding of shapes was the main thing I was trying for but I haven't quite got the hang of it yet. I think it works better on the first cover but on the second it's not that good. I think you might be right about the girl; she's a bit too detailed. Maybe if I lose the ear-ring, take the details from the hair and lose some other minor details from her clothes. I also understand where you're coming from about too many fonts. I started with fewer but it looked too bland. Something worth looking at in any case.

@carl123 You're right, it does look like snow now that I see it with fresh eyes. Or, in the war context, maybe more like dust and fallout from explosions. (I'm not sure if the snow/grit works well for the second cover. It's interesting but I'm not sure if it's appropriate.) The dragon was a last-minute thing that I added to try and use up some space and add a little extra "something-but-I-don't-know-what". I tried to justify it to myself by thinking it was something to do with an "inner demon" or whatever but it probably doesn't work well. (And I've just noticed that adding it makes the title text look wrong as it was fine centre-aligned but now the F and G don't line up.)

Thanks to you both for the feedback. I might have a bit more of a play around with this style and see what I can come up with so any further comments are still appreciated. (I might try a thriller where the shapes intermingle giving the idea of plots within plots.)

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