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Color picker picks neighboring pixel's color

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Issue #1:


In AF in RGBA/16 with a single pixel layer and nothing else, I use color picker from the Color panel (not from tool palette) and get incorrect behavior as demonstrated by the screenshots below.

The color picked seems to be offset with one pixel compared to the box shown. See that the RGB values for the blue boundary are still showing the same white values as outside the blue boundary.

Problem only happens if dragging onto the image area, not when dragging the eyedropper to gui elements. Problem is independent from zoom level, happens with 100% as well.





Issue #2:


In AF in RGBA/16 have a single pixel layer and nothing else.

When using the Color Picker tool from the tool icon palette, and set a radius other than 1*1 in the tool settings header. If you single-click the image area, the averaged color is picked as expected. However if you click-drag in the image area, you get the magnifying glass and get to select more precisely the picked position (good) however you loose the averaging (bad). The color picked with click-dragging (and magnifying glass) ignores the radius setting, which must be a bug.


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Hi Shojtsy,

The first is a known issue that is with development to be fixed - I'll get that bumped. As for the second I don't believe we're aware of that so I shall get it passed on to development. Thanks for letting us know.

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