Hi All!   I'm here to share with you DAUB Kraken a brand new set with 114 tools included and a special discount for forum users!     This set include: DAUB Calamus - 28 Tools A set of textured inkers, with pressure and other dynamic responsiveness. Different nibs, bristles and behaviours to create catchy and vibrant strokes. This set is usable in Affinity Designer too!   DAUB Asper - 34 Tools A set of dry media, with rough look and feel. Pressure and other dynamics are there to make anything look dramatically analog. This set is usable in Affinity Designer too!   DAUB Moiré - 52 Tools A set including linocut and grunge textured rakes, ideal to create engraved styles. This set also includes a terrific collection of halftone patterns and stippling textures working with pressure. You'll see the density increasing with pressure and building up strokes too.       Grab the stroke guide here   Please note that some brushes could act different on iOS version of AP.   Use the following link  to get a 20% OFF!   Merry Christmas! Paolo