Ok, Here are some videos to demonstrate all the snapping that I've added for handles.  Please note, I'm not talking about snapping to grid, I am talking about snapping to useful construction angles relative to the opposite curve point and handle.   So, the following snaps are shown:   1) Snapping to smooth a cusped node - SnapToSmooth.mov 2) Snapping to inline, and 90 degrees to inline - SnapToInlineAndNormal.mov 3) Snapping to reflected angle - SnapToReflected.mov 4) Snapping to parallel direction - SnapToParallel.mov 5) Snapping to 90 degrees of parallel - SnapToParallelNormal.mov 6) Snap to logical triangle (useful for square corners?) - SnapToTriangle.mov   The useful thing about these snaps is that they will enable you to perform common curve construction, completely independent of grid or set axis.  You can use them in tandem with a second action while holding Shift to snap the handle lengths to match the preceding or following handle (while maintaining the direction you already snapped).