Thought I'd give you a glimpse of some of the features that will be coming in 1.7.   Please note - this thread is only for discussing the features detailed here.  Postings related to other feature requests should be posted on their own thread (else they will get deleted from this thread).   We have spent considerable time overhauling the internals of some of our main tools.  It's been a labour of love, but it's going to open up greater possibilities for our core tool set.   The core tools are: - Move tool - Pen tool - Node tool - Shape creation tools - Text tools - Fill and Transparency tools - Place Image tool - Vector Crop tool   So, what improvements can be expected?   - Advanced grid editing on spread (move the grid origin and edit it's axis with a handy new widget, with full snapping of course) - Guides can be created and moved in all the core tools, plus a toggle to turn guide editing off - Move the artboard ruler origin (with editing toggle) - Create objects and shapes into an arbitrary grid - Rotate and flip objects in grid planes (great for people working in isometric), plus an option to rotate shapes in plane using the Move tool - The Move tool will now allow you to cycle though selection boxes, including regular boxes and grid plane aligned boxes - Snapping performance improvements