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Hi there!



Why after export everything becomes "pixel-like" ? I've attached 2 PNGs. These are parts of the same project - one exported and "screenshot'ed" and another just "screenshot'ed" from AD. Before export everything looks sharp (icons at the bottom) and soft (the wave under logo). Why after export everything goes wrong? The images I've attached are both PNGs, both are screenshots, both have the same DPI, dimentions etc. ?


Is it possible to export sharp images, or it has to be always pixel-like and if so, why? 


best regards 


Cezary Kaczmarek


After Export.png

Before Export.png

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Hi kcx,

Welcome to Affinity Forums :)

Seems you have enlarged the exported image to be the same size as the one captured from your screen.

If you want to compare what will be exported to what's on your screen you have to set the zoom level to 100% in Affinity Designer and compare it with the exported image also viewed at 100% (1:1). Vector objects are resolution independent so they can be scaled indefinitely without losing quality. When you export the file to a raster format  (JPG, PNG etc) - which is resolution dependent - it must be rasterised to a specific dimension and it will only look good when viewed at 1:1.


Still the wave pixelation on top seems being caused by something else. Any chance you can attach the original afdesign file so we can check this please? I can provide you an upload link if you wish to keep the file private.

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The funny thing is, that the better image is actually 200% view screenshot direct from AD. The "enlarged" image is 1:1 displayed by native mac Preview app (CMD+0). Both are displayed the same 1:1. I work on iMac Retina 2017




Fonts are mostly ok. It looks worst on curved curves (however it sounds :)   

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