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Critical bug to corrupt TIF files found

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Hi, I've found a bug where I can consistently corrupt TIF files. 


If I am using Lightroom, I can choose to "Edit with Lightroom with adjustments". 

This creates a TIF file where Affinity is able to open. 

If you edit the TIF file with some layers and press save, the progress window should appear. 

Affinity Photo seems to write unusually fast with TIFF files that are around 100MB. 


The trick to corrupt the TIFF file is to instantly close Affinity after the save dialogue box disappears. 


I've lost a few hours of work but have finally figured out why.


W10x64 and latest public release of Affinity Photo. 

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Hi km.au,

I've tried this myself (selecting 'Save with Affinity Layers' when prompted), but I don't get any corrupt TIF files, they can be opened in Affinity, Lightroom and Photoshop. Are you able to do a screen recording showing the process you are taking and the results please?

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I could definitely do this, but I don't want to publicly post a link to the screencast. 


I've also a 45MB tiff that Affinity created which is corrupt. When attempting to open it, it will crash Affinity. 



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Ok, I've just recorded a screencast. 


I can't reproduce the corruption unfortunately for this file but I think I've identified what's happening with this. 


If I use Lightroom to get Affinity to Edit the photo. All seems to work but the key is during the save process with Affinity. 

The screencast will show that after Affinity saves a TIF file, if you close the program straight after the save dialogue box disappears. The TIF file will not be saved at all despite the program saying it is. 


I think the corruption might sometimes occur when Lightroom decides to read the file at the same time as Affinity decides to save. Or sometimes another instance of Affinity in the background might lock the TIF file while a new instance is trying to save? 


Anyway, the screencast will show the issue. 


I'll report back if I can get a consistent corruption. 



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