In another thread in Questions, I have been discussing with others how to write a macro that will resize an image so that the longest side is a fixed value. For example, if I resize a 4000x3000 image to maximum of 800, it will give a 800x600 image. For a portrait image, the image will become 600X800. After many iterations, I came up with a set of macros included here in a macro library: Resize to fixed max size.afmacros, which is attached here. This includes five macros: Resize to 640 max
Resize to 800 max
Resize to 1280 max
Resize to 1600 max
Resize to variable max side The first four will resize any image to the designated maximum size. The last one includes a parameter which allows you to partly-specify the target size. The default target size is 2000px, but for any other value (up to a maximum of 4000, use the pop-up to adjust. The value of the parameter is the desired maximum size divided by 4000. A convenient way of specifying the final maximum edge size is to enter a fraction. If your target is (say) 800px then, in the parameter box (not the slider), enter 800/4000. If your target is 3200, enter 3200/4000. I have given technical details of the macro in subsequent messages in this thread.   EDIT: This is a revised version of the macros (as of 2nd November 2018). For details of the changes, see the item below which gives the macro details). The changes were in response to a user who found that if he cropped the image first, the macro did not work.   Resize to fixed maximum size.afmacros