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Been playing around with AD for a bit and feel like the zoom tool should be a toggle and revert back to the tool you were using when you invoked the zoom. i.e.:, I'm painting and want to zoom in, I press "Z", zoom in, then I have to reselect the brush tool from the tool bar to resume painting. Could we have a preference to invoke a toggle on the zoom's behaviour?

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I also work with a pen and nothing else (more than 10 years using just pen... no mouse whatsoever, for anything).

And the only thing I miss is a pen-wheel. I know that some pens have that. But they are much more expensive.

So, if there was a way to zoom in and out that does not require a wheel, that would be great.

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I'd like to add temporary zoom to the initial suggestion of the toggle state idea.


Temporary Zoom recognises the currently selected drawing tool or node/vertex editing that's occurring as happening, and when pressed whilst this is happening the Z key acts as a (whilst held down) 5x (or 10x, or whatever, set by user) zoom straight into the current cursor position with the existing tools remaining live.


Releasing the Z key pops back out to the prior zoom, with the current tool still selected. In this manner the user can quickly adjust something at a very fine level and then pop out and continue adjusting at the normal level without a tool or state change.

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