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AD: "Undo" counts deselecting as a step, adding extra clicks

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When I change/edit an object, I click away from it so the pathlines will disappear and I can see it properly.

If I need to undo an effect, the first 'step' (click) of the undo simply reselects the object(s). I have to Undo again to undo the change.

This may sound minor, but having every Undo take a minimum of two clicks to undo the last thing I did, seems unnecessary. And when you're testing different options and using Undo a LOT, it can get annoying.

If I change a square from red to blue, and don't like it, why should Undo simply reselect the square? I don't want to Undo my clicking on the canvas, I want to Undo the color change.

I think it should do both -- undo my last change and reselect whatever object(s) are affected.

I'm sure there's a need balance, but wanted to toss this in as a feature request.


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