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Downgrade to V. 1.5 ?!?

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What a terrible morning....

Hey guys, the Update to 1.6.1...is.....wuhaaarg...yesterday, it was okay. maybe Affinity Photo crashed every 30 minutes...but today, it crashed afters seconds of work, again and again. I´ve got a important project to finish today...

So, is it possible to downgrade Affintiy Photo to Version 1.5? it works fine and never crashed on my Computer.


Crahs Report:



Best regards

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It looks like the crash is something to do with tablet pen input. Where you using a pen (e.g. Wacom) at the time?

Can you attach the log file to this thread please? %APPDATA%\Affinity\Photo\1.0\Log.txt


Have you tried uninstalling and re-installing your tablet drivers?

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