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Will these work in AD? (PNG or AI brushed?)

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I'm in need of gold/metallic brushes for AD. I found this: https://creativemarket.com/StudioDenmark/293364-Gold-Rush-For-Illustrator


Would this work in AD? I've been able to install abr's that were made for Adobe suites just fine... but I'm not sure if these would work? I mean if they are pngs... I don't see why they wouldn't. Even if it means I just have to place it in my work as a layer and maybe use masking.


If this wont work, can anyone point me to where I can get (free or for purchase) Gold/metallic brushes? (I guess what I'm looking for is "brushes"... I just need the metallic look for products I'm designing.)



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13 minutes ago, MBOROWIEC said:

TBH it just looks like it is a clipping mask on the gold texture.


So ... I could buy these and use the PNG versions of these correct?


I wonder if I could find something like these for cheaper. (Metallic foil)

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Il y a 15 heures, momochan86 a dit:

........ Je me demande si je pourrais trouver quelque chose comme ça pour moins cher. (Feuille métallique).


Excusez mon intrusion dans votre conversation.

Un ami à eu besoin (pour son travail) de textures Or et agent.

J'ai fait des photos (full frame 23Mpx) de couvertures de survie puis sur un fond froissé et fait des photos encore différentes.

Le prix de ces couvertures est très petit (2 ou 3 € uros).

Le résultat était très correct. (A essayer).

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