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Layer selection improvements in AD

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I've recently started using Affinity Designer (on Windows) for UI design, coming from Photoshop. While I think it's much nicer to work with overall, there are a couple of things that I think make the program very frustrating to use (at least on Windows).


One big thing I find annoying is that when I ctrl select a layer, it doesn't select the layer in the layer panel (or at least expand the group it is in). I can see some people maybe don't want that, so I suppose giving the user the choice would make sense in this case.


The second and most annoying thing for me is the double click rabbit hole I need to go into when working with nested groups. Usually for UI design you end up having a lot of nested groups. While there probably isn't a better way to handle it, I think some work needs to be done about when it exits a group. It's very frustrating to go into this 5 level deep double-click loop and then a misclick (or the program not understanding your intention) brings you all the way back to the top. One specific thing that does this is deleting a layer. It should leave me at whatever hierarchy level I was at.


A third annoyance I find is using CTRL to zoom. Not just because it is ALT in Photoshop, but also because CTRL is at the same time assigned to the deep selection. When I'm moving around the document, I use panning and zooming. Sometimes this leads to moving a layer unintentionally. This is maybe more a performance issue though, almost feels as if the keyboard is not being polled often enough to detect when exactly a button has been pressed. In any case, I would like the option to remap zooming to ALT+scroll.


Other than this and a couple of small things (why can't I enter a number for opacity in strokes or fills? why cant I use pixel values for strokes?), AD is fantastic and certainly the best tool available on Windows.






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Hi Rihok,

Welcome to Affinity Forums :)

1. Click the small menu icon on the top right of the Layers panel and enable/tick Auto-scroll 

2. Thanks for the feedback

3. No sure if this helps,  but if you to Affinity Preferences, Tools section you can enable/check Use mouse wheel to zoom. It's not possible to re-assing default modifier keys.

4. You can apply an opacity value to fill/stokes from the Color panel on bottom (its applied to whatever is active in the fill/stroke colour switcher on the top left of the Colour panel).

5. To use pixel values fro strokes go to Affinity Preferences, User Interface section and un-tick Show lines in points

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