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Affinity Photo Workbook Delivery

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I ordered the Affinity Photo Workbook on November 26th, to be delivered to a US address. Your site claims a 5-7 business day delivery window. As of the writing of this comment its been more than two weeks and no delivery. Also, I have gotten no notifications related to delivery. It would be great if you could give us a shipping tracking number, or if the product isn't even out yet, some kind of indication of where in the fulfillment process the order is in.


I also have written multiple emails to affinityorders[at]serif[dot]com, but I haven't received any kind of reply. Not even a canned "we'll get back to you" email.


I have read other forums posts that indicate that you have had fulfillment issues with the book. That's unfortunate, but understandable. However please try to be more transparent about the problems with your customers. If you have orders that are late, it would be very helpful to receive an email indicating there are issues, and some kind of new timeline when we can expect delivery. Also, it would be wonderful if I could get a reply when placing an inquiry.


Is there any way I can get an update on my order? 

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Hi saotome,

Welcome to Affinity Forums :)

I'm sorry for the delay and lack of communication/reply from our part. As you already noted, we have been struggling to fulfil all initial orders due to high demand/success of the book and have since then  trying to dispatch/send the books as fast as possible however this wasn't yet enough to deliver all orders in time for which we apologise. I believe we haven't sent an e-mail yet - despite the delay - because we have kept dispatching the books at a reasonable/regular rate and hoped to catch up with the orders quickly. We may eventually do it if there's further delays or issues. If you PM me your name and order number i will try to check this for you.

Thank you for your support and patience.




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