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Perspective Projection with images

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Hi folks,


I would like to insert a freely composed image in another picture wiith the perspective projection feature on iPad Air 2, newest app version.

Unfortunately I've been not successful after tying for one or two hours.


When I mark an area with the perspective projection function and zoom in with the hand tool, I can draw freely and everything works fine after tapping perspective projection again. But this does not work with objects like pasted images or rectangles whose always get inserted in new layers. When I group the layers and rssterize them to one I am not able to reset the zoom mode.


Is there any possibility for doing that in the iOS version? 


I wish you a beautiful snowy Advent Sunday!

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I got it! It was the Merge tool from the feature menu. After hours of trying I realized that this was the one that I've been looking for. Just merge the layers in the zoom area mode.


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