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Fine line quality

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Firstly let me say I love AP on my iPad, its an great app and with the planned new features and fixes it will become Awesome!

Please don't think me reporting bugs is in any way a rant (I've seen too many of these here already, try not to take them to heart developers!).

I just want to help make AP as good as possible ;)


Saying that, here is a bug I really think needs fixing.

When drawing fine lines using the apple pencil with pressure controlling brush size, you get bad aliasing artifacts at small sizes:




(Please note that this also happens on the PC version with a wacom)


Passive :)

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Hey Passive,


For me the issue is the randomness of the dark and light pixels. I would argue the aliasing is almost expected as we're only colouring a few pixels at such a thin brush when you aren't pressing down as much.

I've checked a few other apps that use raster brushes and they don't seem to do this. I definitely think there's something worth passing to development here.

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Thanks for the report - we know exactly what it is and what to do about it... It's all to do with nozzle generation and sampling for very small nozzles. We'll get this sorted out very soon - sorry for the inconvenience in the meantime... :(

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