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Photo: JPEGs with "Linear Color Space" Loading Issue

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I stumbled on a JPEG that sometimes shows up too dark in some cases on the web for some reason. Upon investigating what the issue for this was (suspecting an embedded color profile) I also loaded it into Affinity Photo. Upon loading Photo assigns the default color profile (sRGB) to the "unprofiled" image and the image shows up too dark too.


Loading the same image into Photoshop results in the proper colours. According to Photoshop the file is in "Linear Color Space".


It seems this "Linear Color Space" situation for JPEG files isn't handled by Affinity Photo yet. Also it doesn't seem to be possible to convert the image later into this space unless one converts into 32bit first. It doesn't result in proper colours either, however.


Image in question is available here: https://imgur.com/gallery/0DP5M

(credit to Reddit user JulianF6 via


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Hi tokai


We only handle linear profiles in 32bit, we currently don't handle 16bit linear profiles which are used in renders but it is something that is on our list of considered improvements



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