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I was trying to create a Photoshop mockup like one in Affinity Photo

I just opened an image on Photo and placed a vector document which I worked on Affinity Designer. Then I applied the live perspective filter which didn't rasterize the document and worked as a perfect Photoshop smart object alternative. But whenever I try to align the corner points of the live perspective filter, the software crashes with no crash reporter popup window. And also sometimes it doesn't crash instead render the document improperly.

I have attached the links for you people to take a look at the issue.

Please look into this issue! I have no additional plugins installed, latest graphics drivers installed and have even tried a fresh install of the software but the issue persists.

Watch this video to see AP crash when applying live perspective filter -



Watch this video to see the improper rendering of the same filter when applied succesfully with no crash.


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Great, take your time!
And for the time being, Is there a way to layout my designs in a perspective to create mockups? other than using perspective filter inside Affinity Photo.

I tried to recreate the same inside Affinity Designer using the skew transform tool but couldn't get it into perspective but only orthographic.

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19 hours ago, MEB said:

No, there's isn't Perspective (or Mesh Warp Distortion) Tools in Designer. This is something we hope to add at some point later. Actually the Mesh Warp Distortion Tool is already in Designer's roadmap and should be implemented before v2.0. I also miss these tools (vector based)!

Good to see the perspective tool on the roadmap, it is a lifesaver for many mock-up designers.
The roadmap looks cool! waiting for the upcoming updates.

8 hours ago, MEB said:

I've reproduced this on my system. Issue logged along with your files for checking/fixing.

Thanks for the files and video Vishnu Raghav.

Glad my files helped you! Let's make Affinity the best.

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