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Affinity Photo for iPad wins App of the Year 2017!

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Hi All,   We're over the moon to announce that Apple have selected Affinity Photo for iPad as their App of the Year 2017!   We weren’t really sure this year could have got any bett

Sorry for the delay announcing the winner, we will reply officially here soon.

For those who are interested.... The Winner of the iPad was Florian Diehl from Freudenstadt, Germany who liked our page and shared the Facebook post   Congratulations to him a

44 minutes ago, MEB said:

Hi lewis heald,

Welcome to Affinity Forums :)

Please check this thread for info regarding the compatibility list displayed in the App Store app.


Thanks for your reply it has downloaded the software but won't allow it to be used.I am saving for an Ipad pro to buy in the new year I assume if I keep it until I buy the new iPad I will be able to transfer it to that


Thanks Lewis

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Hi Lewis,

If you set up your new iPad Pro with your current Apple ID (used to buy Affinity Photo), yes you will be able to install all apps you have bought under this ID on your new iPad, otherwise you have to login in the App Store with the original Apple ID used to buy these apps.

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4 hours ago, lewis heald said:
13 hours ago, Alfred said:


Where does it say that? When I visit the iTunes Preview page for Affinity Photo for iPad it clearly states at the top of the description:


Not in the App Store i don't use iTunes


I see the same info in the App Store, but it's a moot point if you're going to be getting a compatible iPad anyway! :)




Alfred online2long.gif
Affinity Designer/Photo/Publisher for Windows 1.9.2 • Windows 10 Home (4th gen Core i3 CPU)
Affinity Photo for iPad 1.9.2 • Designer for iPad 1.9.2 • iPadOS 14.4.2 (iPad Air 2)

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2 hours ago, jaroo said:

Eh bien, c'est juste être difficile avec un choix de mots, mais à partir de l'e-mail, ils se réfèrent à un concours, pas un cadeau. 


Mon sentiment est un peu différent.

Affinity fait référence à un précédent  concours.

(Je cite):  Cela fait un moment que nous avons fait un concours comme celui-ci.

Aujourd'hui, Affinity nous demande de parler de ce logiciel récompensé (c'est tout à fait légitime).

En échange, il y aura un tirage au sort, une sorte de loterie mais .....un seul gagnant.


Un concours récompense les meilleurs, ce n'est pas le cas ici.


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ENHORABUENA Affinity, una vez más habéis bordado la aplicación, pena no tener un iPad compatible (el que tengo es más antiguo y no cumple los requisitos necesarios para su instalación) que admita vuestra magnífica app.

En algún momento espero poder disfrutarla. Seguir así, que llegaréis a ser los mejores!!! Saludos. Tsa


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Por cierto, sería posible que se pudieran traducir a diferentes lenguas los post del Foro desde una pestaña del mismo, sin tener que recurrir constantemente al traductor compatible?

Los que os leemos y no dominamos el ingles estaríamos encantados. Gracias por considerarlo.  Tsa :)

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On 7.12.2017 at 1:39 PM, Mithferion said:

Herzliche Glückwünsche!

Und lasst uns hoffen, dass nächstes Jahr mehr Erfolg für euch bringt, Leute (etwas wie Affinity Designer für iPad wird zur App des Jahres 2018:D ).

Freundliche Grüße!


No Please not!!! Please no more pastimes for minorities.
Everyone is waiting for "Publisher".

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1 hour ago, Michail said:


No Please not!!! Please no more pastimes for minorities.
Everyone is waiting for "Publisher".

True that... but now I know I can speak German. :D

You'll never know what you can do until you get it up as high as you can go!   

AMD FX 8350 :: Radeon HD 7870 :: Windows 10 ::  http://mithferion.deviantart.com/

Oxygen Icons :: Free Quality Fonts :: Public Domain Pictures :: iOS 11 Design Resources :: iOS App Icon Template :: Hot to do High Quality Art :: Mesh Warp / Distort Tool Considerations

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Well played, Affinity. Can't wait for Designer on iPad and Publisher. After some talks with managers and such the company I work for is ready to let Adobe CC go. Within a  two months or so we'll be getting a couple Affinity Photo's for marketing and I'll be getting AP and AD. Just like on my personal Mac at home. 


But, if my personal Mac ever crashes, I'm considering to stick with just an iPad Pro and get me all Affinity software. It's all I need.

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