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Wow, they made some great decisions back then:

- The vote was 5-4 in favor of Y-down. --> ffiew... if this was decided the other way it would be browser hell; everything else in browsers is y down
- the hope was that browsers would implement SVG Basic instead of SVG Full. However, Mozilla implemented the whole specification. And then other browser vendors followed. --> thanks to this we can now make the web great!


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On 10/17/2018 at 6:23 PM, Medical Officer Bones said:

Sure, whatever works. I prefer Opera since it is installed on my local machine, and I can't be uploading licensed (client) work to an online service like that. I need to be able to maintain control over the files.

Just an update on this in case it helps anyone. I've found that I can use Chrome after all, though it's a bit of a hassle:

  1. Open an SVG in Chrome
  2. Print to PDF
  3. Drag resulting document into AD
  4. Open the embedded document
  5. Group and copy the graphic (but not the white background)
  6. Delete the embedded document
  7. Paste the group

This seems to result in something virtually identical to the original SVG.

That said, please fix this, Affinity!

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I exported an SVG file from Blender 2.81 (don't ask why) and I'm trying to open it in Affinity Designer and it fails to open. It's saying the file type is not supported.

It's definitely an SVG and when I'm opening on SVG reader websites, it's all working good. From the thread, it seems Affinity could be having problem with parsing?

Here is the link: https://www.svgviewer.dev/s/HKr9R6zv

Also enclosed the SVG file.

Charging case.svg

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I use the CubiCasa floor plan service, and wanted to edit an SVG file that they had provided. Unfortunately, that file, as well as others from them, does not render correctly in either Affinity Designer or Publisher. The cabinets and appliances are misaligned with the walls, and the direction arrows are missing on the stairs. The files render correctly in Chrome, Firefox, and Gapplin, an SVG converter. See screenshot:


The corresponding SVG is attached.

I ultimately converted the SVG to PDF in Gapplin and the PDF rendered correctly in Designer (except for a couple of large invisible rectangles that appeared to be out of place).

I'm using Designer and Publisher version 1.8.3 on macOS 10.13.6.


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Here is another example of the Affinity applications not displaying an SVG as expected, specifically transform=”rotate()”.
The ‘collage’ is: top-left opened in Firefox; top-right opened in Chrome; bottom-left opened in Inkscape; bottom-right placed in Designer (also similar problem when pasted).
I’ve attached the SVG file.



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