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Pixel brushes not painting in bleed area

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I'm designing a file for print and need to include bleed with my artwork. I am using a combination of vector and pixel elements, which includes pixel brushes. I have attached a screenshot of the close up of my artwork, and my brushwork is cropped by the constraints of the artwork trim area, whereas the vector elements are unaffected.

Is there something I am missing? I have added bleed to the document but can't seem to paint on the bleed area. Is there a setting I need to turn on in order to do this?

Screen Shot 2017-12-05 at 14.07.35.png

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Hi Nineteen91 and Welcome to the Forums,


If i can direct you to Lee's reply here he explains why this has happened to another Affinity user and also how to avoid it going forward :) 

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There's a bit of a hack for this.


1) Create a pixel layer with only a tiny dot in each corner.

2 ) Resize it to bigger than the page (...to your bleed size or beyond. If you have your bleeds set up in doc setup u don't need to dial it in exactly).

Now whatever you paint in there will bleed off the page until it reaches the layer dimensions.

(you can leave a copy after step 2 somewhere in order to easily copy and paste another layer ready to go.... or create an asset for the same purpose)(yes, resize changes the resolution a bit. But what are we talking about... a 3.175mm bleed? I guess it depends on the size you need if it'll be an issue.)




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