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Are there jobs for Affinity Photo Experts?

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23 hours ago, Fixx said:

No, AP is just a tool. There are no jobs for hammer experts either. For carpenters there are plenty.


That is not really correct. By that logic, Powerpoint is a tool, but there are plenty of specialist jobs for Powerpoint experts, especially in London, UK..


In theory, it would be easy to swap between Photoshop and Photo, but constant questions on this forum are from people who can do a task in Photoshop, but simply can't figure out how to do the same thing in Affinity Photo. The opposite would be true, so a new employee tasked with editing 100 photos in Adobe Photoshop, with only Photo experience would need a steep (AND INSTANT) learning curve, or would be fired PDQ because they would not be able to do the job under commercial pressures. 


Coming from a commercial print background where everybody used Photoshop (and there was always very severe time pressures), a Photo expert would simply not be able to cope. It is true, the editing skills would make them very suitable for training, but they would need training, and not many commercial companies would not be willing (or even able) to do that. 

Windows PCs. Photo and Designer, latest non-beta versions.

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