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Hello, I have questions, things that are not clear to me yet


From what I understand even though the file extensions are different for Photo and Designer one can still use a same file in both environments and switch back and forth ? So it is really a unique format ? Seems on can even create Artboards in Designer that then become accessible in Photo.. It's a bit mind-boggling thinking of a truly common format and cannot find much on it in tutorials..


I understand that when an image in placed in an Affinity, a copy is embedded*.. it retains its original dimensions (pixel and definition). However when one resizes the image there seems to be no way to know how much in % the image is now compared to its original form. As long as one makes the embedded image smaller then fine, no problem, but what if you enlarge it.. would be good to see 110% etc in info... upon export to pdf for print will that image have lower dpi than that of the file ?



PS: *Also is there no way to just link an external image into a file ?

Any link to existing tutorials concerning raster file management is welcome ! :0)

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The file formats are completely indeed identical as the underlying codebase between Designer and Photo (and the yet to-be-released Publisher) is the same, across all supported platforms (macOS, Windows, and iOS). The only restriction is that you cannot load files from newer versions in older ones.


Currently, placed images are always embedded. Linking to external images is not yet supported. According to Serif staff, this feature is already planned and will be introduced with Affinity Publisher.


I agree about the scale/dpi information about images, and I would also love to have a command to reset the scale/transform of a raster or pixel layer to 100% so that one layer pixel matches up one-to-one with the document's native resolution.

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Thanks Peter !
It's amazing they can use the same format.. I cannot wait to try Publisher Beta... next few months hopefully..., my only last link to Adobe is InDesign..

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