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[By Design] Designer Paste Inside fails in Mac OS 10.12.5

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I've tried to create the equivalent of a vector pattern fill for text by using Paste Inside to fill characters with parallel lines. I've followed the very simple instructions in Designer Help: 

  1. Create the lines
  2. Select them
  3. Cut them
  4. Select the target character(s) or curves made by converting
  5. Choose Edit > Paste Inside

This worked one single time, when I was just dabbling to see if I wanted to go this way. Since then, it hasn't worked at all: with lines grouped or ungrouped; cut or copied; targetting text with or without fill, curves made by converting text, or objects drawn directly. What usually happens is that 

  1. The lines disappear when I cut them
  2. The target shape shows a selection box when I select it;
  3. Paste Inside
  • deletes the selection box, and
  • the cut lines reappear where they came from, only to disappear if I click elsewhere, while
  • the Layers panel now shows the lines or group of lines as a sub-layer of the target; they continue to show there if I Edit in Photo, but you can't see them in any view of the document
  • sometimes Print > PDF will show the lines where they began; sometimes they disappear

What doesn't happen is lines appearing inside my text or other object.

Could this be a layer-displaying problem connected with the way the UI appears on top of system dialogs? Any help greatly appreciated!


AD Paste Inside shot 1.png

AD Paste Inside shot 2.png

AD Paste Inside shot 3.png

AD Paste Inside shot 4.png

AD Paste Inside shot 5.pdf

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Hi UncleMonkey,

Without the file I can't fully see what is going on, however from what I can see is that the lines are placed inside the H Shape (as you used Paste Inside). When objects are inside other ones they can only be seen if you have them positioned so that they occupy the same region. The reason you can see the lines is because the selection bounds are still shown but the objects are not (this explains why you don't see them when you click outside - they have been deselected). If you move those lines up and over the H you should see them. Hopefully these 2 screenshots should make it clear.



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Thank you, Sean P! That did the trick, where a curve was concerned — so far, even text with no fill doesn't show the Paste Inside result, but that's a minor point. The Paste Inside topic in Designer Help shows that relative placement is preserved, and I should have picked up on that. But it might be worth adding to the Help explanation that the pasted object won't move: normally, cut and paste puts the object where you're pointing at the time of pasting. Once again, the quick help from Affinity is a lifesaver. I just hope you can keep selling enough licenses to add all the features people are still waiting for, and leave Adobe in the dust.

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