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I need the software merely to make text adjustments, not to create artwork. I followed the tutorial on Vimeo on how to change text in a pdf document, but unfortunatelly I was unable to get the text panel to display as shown in the video tutorial, and I was unable to figure out how to make the text changes.
The video mentioned that there are other ways if this does not work, but where are the other ways? How can I make text changes of pdf files? Which tutorial covers this?
Or was there a bug in the newly downloaded test version of Affinity Designer because it did not give me access to the panel displayed in the tutorial video.

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Hi Traudl,

Welcome to the forums.

When importing the PDF is the option Favour editable text over fidelity checked? Also check the Layers Panel, do you see layers that have a T in a box visible as these are text layers that can be edited with the Frame Text Tool. The Context toolbar displayed above the page contains the basic text options such as Font, Size, Style.

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