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Fill/Stroke Mode Defaults - A Dummy's Guide Please

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Can someone help me with this simple problem? So SHIFT-X toggles between a fill and a stroke. So if I have a solid fill, and no stroke, when I press SHIFT-X I then get a stroke but no fill. I get that.

What I don't get is what if I want to set my default mode to be a solid fill with a stroke? I click the 'Synchronise defaults from this selection' button. And all looks fine. But when I then select my pen tool, it's just giving me a stroke with no fill. See example.

Likewise, more often than not I want to set a fill with no stroke. So I draw a simple shape, fill it with whatever colour I want, select 'none' for stroke. Click the 'Synchronise defaults from this selection' button. All looks well on screen. I click once with the pen tool, then as soon as I click again, both revert to no stroke/no fill?! What's going on?









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Hi Kiarian,


I have been unsuccessful in recreating this behaviour at my end please could you make sure the button in my attached screenshot is ticked then synchronise your defaults you should find it works correctly :)




Screen Shot 2017-11-30 at 13.42.55.png

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Hi Callum,

That's exactly it. I was completely unaware of the use fill button! All working exactly as expected now. Thanks.

Edit: I have had the Designer Workbook since it was released, and I don't think anywhere in it they mention the 'Use Fill' command. That might be one of the reasons I've never used it. Was completely unaware of it.

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