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Cancel batch job button request

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So right now I was performing some color to black/white image conversion with the batch job in AP, and after I clicked ok I realized I forgot to specify the file save location. Needles to say, my original images have started to be overwritten by the black and white version, and unfortunately I just couldn't find a way to stop the process. I pressed esc, delete, backspace, I tried to turn off the program..but nothing worked. At the end, I force stopped the application from the task manager. Fortunately I have a backup so there was no permanent damage.

What I am proposing is to either make AP automatically create a new folder (like Photoshop) without overwriting existing images, or to make some stop button...Or to have both options in the checkbox style, to create a new folder in the same location, or to overwrite existing files. Or maybe the simplest solution could be for AP to create some sort of name/number extension if the file is saved in the same location where another file with the same name already exists.

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Not only this, but there should be a BIG RED FLASHING WARNING, when you click "OK" that you will be overwriting your original files. Why would someone really want to literally destroy their originals?

Moreover, overwriting the files should be optional (with a checkbox or something) and be disabled by default. Why it's not already behaving that way is beyond me.

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