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Using stacks with different file formats - problems

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I have been experimenting with stacks in AP and have now succeeded in getting results with Focus Merge and HDR Merge, and just using plain stacks with a manual approach. They all work, though on my Mac the best results (not too many so far) seem to be with Focus Merge. What I can't seem to do is to use RAW format files, either mixed with other RAW files, or with jpgs. I tried generating jpgs from RAW to do a merge with stacks of such generated files, but that doesn't seem to work well either, as the photo size appears to change, so the result - if any - looks more like a montage of different photos than a proper merge. Am I trying to do something which AP is not designed to do, or is there a bug.

On some photos the merge approach across a whole bunch of photos works better than any single one by itself, but on other single shots which are already quite good as jpgs I think the best results may be to switch to RAW mode if relevant files are available and optimise just the one shot.

I may be able to post links to photos if there is any interest, though so far there are only a few worth looking at.

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Sorry for the delay here. I get different results from time to time. Sometimes stacks work quite well, and other times not so well, with ghosting becoming a feature.

If RAW files are used there may be quite significant geometric distortion - which presumably depends on what corrections need to be applied.

in my first attempts at mixing RAW and JPG stacks were not playing ball at all, but simply laying out different photos in 2D space. The outputs may also be camera dependent. i'll keep checking this, but since there doesn't seem to be consistent behaviour it may take a while.

It seems to me that it is worth trying stacks, but be prepared for them to fail to deliver good results, or at least any results which are better than the individual photos. However, you may strike lucky and get significant improvements. To get them to work well you need several reasonable shots, either done manually, or with a suitable auto mode, and then a bit extra time and patience doing the post processing. I hope to get back to this in a while.

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