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Just wanted to share my take on what was originally a Hokusai ukiyo-e print (Hokusai Katsushika, 1760 - 1849, not me). I'm sorry I can remember the original name of this print but I thought Siren was a good name for it (but keep in mind that is the name of my version and not the actual name of the print that mine is based on). I saw it somewhere on my travels and I snapped a shot of it but the print was not in very good shape so I decided to recreate it using Designer. While Hokusai is most famous for his "Great Wave at Kanagawa" he made thousands of prints and there are many that are just as incredible as the "Great Wave".


Thank you for taking the time to look at my work,

Hokusai (not Katsushika)



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Another amazing piece of work.

I don't know about anyone else but I would be really interested in watching some kind of video where you created a small piece of your work while speaking your thought processes out loud. Not a tutorial telling people what to do, but just saying what goes through your head while you're making these beautiful things.

It would be especially useful if you didn't edit out any mistakes you make along the way. It's interesting and useful to see how experts think and rectify their mistakes.

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Thanks for the kind words and I'm happy to hear that you are interested in not only my work but also my thought process while I'm making them. I wish I could make a video detailing them but unfortunately it would be way too long as I normally take a long time to make each drawing. This one is rather simple but even it took me hours to make. I'd say that it took around 8 hours to make this one. The Don Quixote picture I did took me 6 months to make. As well, I never sit down and do the whole thing at once. I work on pieces here and there, mostly to relax, as a kind of hobby. I enjoy making them and that in itself if fun. Even when a  drawing is simple I sometimes I draw something and I'm not happy with it so I go back and redraw it. When I finish, I normally review it and if I like what I see, I'm done. More often than not though I see things that I don't like and I go back and redo them, sometimes three or four times so it would be hard to get all that in a video. 


Best regards,

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27 minutes ago, Hokusai said:

This one is rather simple ...




28 minutes ago, Hokusai said:

... but even it took me hours to make.


I'm not surprised! whistling.gif


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Sorry, I wouldn't expect you to go through the whole thing on video. It's obvious that it takes a lot of time to do something as complicated as this and I'm not sure anyone would want to watch an 8-hour video.

All I was thinking about was if you recorded one of your shorter sessions - maybe a quarter/half hour or so - it might give people some insight into how you work and how beautiful things are made.

For example:
* why did you choose that brush instead of another one, or;
* what made you choose that colour instead of something else, or;
* why did you take so much time getting the spacing just right in that particular place;
...that sort of thing.

It would be especially useful to see where you thought something was wrong and what you did to change it and why.

Watching, and listening to, an expert doing what they do so well for a half-hour can be much more useful and interesting than reading a whole book.

I'm not an artist and my illustration skills are limited - especially compared to someone like yourself - so it would be nice to be able to see how a really great illustration comes together, even just a little bit of it.

Basically, I'm thinking of something like the BBC Handmade series - http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/articles/4nnGhDtQ4SdpBbjfRbF4Zvz/three-master-makers-reflect-on-the-challenges-and-rewards-of-their-crafts - but with comments from the crafts-person.

Of course, I'm not trying to put pressure on you to do anything. It would just be nice is all.

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