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Odd artefacts on standard ellipse

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I've been using v1.6 in beta for a long time, but I'm seeing something new having recently upgraded to High Sierra. These are two standard ellipses, around 120px in diameter. Depending on the view magnification, I see odd artefacts and jagged edges. I know that Expand Stroke is still problematic, but these are not expanded.


It makes working a little bit odd and scary.


I'm using Metal. And this is based on a wipe and clean install of High Sierra, so there should be no issue with macOS.

Screen Shot 2017-11-22 at 13.07.02.png

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Just to add, it doesn't happen at every percentage of magnification. I'm up around 1400%, but if you go a few steps more, it disappears, comes back, shifts position. So it appears to be a bug or problem in the magnification as such.

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