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Hello All,


I have a drastic need for hotkeys (shortcuts).

I need a hotkey switcher from Draw Persona and Export Persona.

The amount of time wasted having to move from one end of the screen to the other (especially on a 27" iMac and Wacom Tablet) so I can switch between Layers in drawing Persona and then switch back to Export Persona.

If you could give us the "Q" key command to switch between all three Personas — that would be great.


More key shortcuts please.

That would help and customisable also…




Titus Tears

Kind Regards,

Titus Tears

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I very rarely go to the menu for anything in Photoshop. Hot keys, as in the title of this thread, are essential for this software be a viable tool for a professional. User customizable shortcuts would be the icing on the cake. Making a parallel tool/shortcut UI to Photoshop would allow a faster and easier transition between the two.

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