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In AP you can achieve a pencil sketch effect by taking your layer stack,

1) Desaturate with an adjustment layer. I use Channel mixer, and Grey output channel.

2) Layer/Merge Visible

3) Nest a new Invert adjustment within the new pixel layer

4) Also nest a new Live Gaussian Blur layer within the new pixel layer, radius around 1.6

5) Set the blend mode of the new pixel layer to Color Dodge

See attachment for result.

This also work if your layer stack already included various live adjustments. However this removes the ability to further edit the adjustments in the below layer stack because they have already been "rasterized" into the merged layer as well. More precisely their further modifications will not be reflected in the end result as if they have been done before the pencil sketch effect.

Is there a way to achieve the same effect (blending math) and still be able to edit the preexisting adjustment layers and have them affect the result in the same way as if they have been modified before creating the pencil sketch effect?



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Thanks very much owenr, this is just what I was thinking about.

It is logical for a group of adjustments to behave identically to a merged pixel layer with the same adjustments.

I did try with normal group children layers and hit the same problem that you refer to "rendering pipeline going awry" that way. Do you agree this "going awry" can be categorized as a bug?

I am afraid using the adjustment and filter in the clipping mask position are not a full workaround. The reason for this is that there is another bug related to how gaussian blur (and maybe other filters) are applied when it is in that position. A grid of transparent lines is shown in the preview. See screenshot attached. See also this thread about the bug





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