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OK, so this resume template is 4 pages and all is shown

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First, whats the best way to have the desktop set up (MAC) and the 2nd one is I got this resume template and it is 4 pages.


I would like it so I could see the four any way I want like each page different, or tabs, something, no idea except zooming in and out or exporting each page then import again, separately?


ANy idea?   Looking for best place to start.  TUTORIALS HERE?!


Thanks, Hello, hope to hear more from you -its an Adbobe .ai file that loads, then shows page 1, 2, 3, 4, it also gives the option to load a page at a time - - just wondering the fastest workflow.


Please advise.








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  • Staff

Hi Frankii,


If you are using Affinity Designer the best way to load it is as all pages as it will bring every page into Affinity as a separate Art Board. You can then export this file to PDF and it will create a multi page document for you.




Please tag me using @ in your reply so I can be sure to respond ASAP.

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Thanks, Callum but can you work on PDFs? Meaning will every tool be available if editing a PDF?!?   So I can click PAGE 1, have it fill the page w/o any tactile feedback from me?


Then, I just posted somewhere else (a response, sort of hi-jacked the op in a way, as we sort of have the same program.  

We both said we were missing the LEFT side toolbox.  The OP was told to hold down healing brush while doing something else.


my problem is I have NO HEALING BRUSH, nada, there are NO TOOLS ON THE LEFT.  See attached image.


Also, is there a bucket tool>?  Trying to make a design for some work laptop backgrounds.   On trial mode now, not sure yet what I am doing as I still need to find a good video set (used to have FREE Lynda.com as we were their I.T. firm), anyway, miss ADOBE FIREWORKS, it worked so well with DREAMWEAVER.    Pixelmator is pretty good, will have to try the paint trial as while P.M. is good, its not PS and I miss a lot of tools.  With regard to Affinity, the videos are more project-based then step 1,2,3 or a GETTING STARTED video.   Don't want to spend hours figuring out who the best teacher (FREE ON YOUTUBE), unless advised.



Anyway, sorry so much, but your name seems to be revered, so thought I would ask you

HAPPY THANKSGIVING Callum (if celebrated).

 Not fully awake yet.  Sorry if all over (tangents) the place.







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Really. thanks...


More of a logic pro, avid, fcp, motion, Dreamweaver, adobe but not huge on illustrator but knew "FIREWORKS" VERY WELL THAT ADOBE snatched up.


Anyway, where is the best place to get up to speed?  Downloaded trial - - can you uninstall and try again.... super busy week, wasted my trial period....soon anyway. (expired).



Thanks again Callum

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