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Dual Monitor feature missing

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I'm new to Affinity. I'm trying the mac version with a iPad version as well. It's a great workflow to use it on-the-go, and finished my work when I back home. But I tried to replicate a great feature I had in PS. A dual monitor view. In PS I could replicate the window I'm woking on, and edit one on my cintiq (zooming, rotating without effect on the other) and watch the result in fit mode, on second monitor. 

I'm missing something, or it's not possible (I hope yet) this feature?


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In both Designer and Photo you can go into separated mode for the user interface. I don't have a second monitor to test this out but in theory couldn't you make a new view, go to View/New View, and work with that on your main monitor/cintiq and have the other view on your second monitor. You should be able to rotate, zoom in and work in that new view and the other view will show the changes as you work.


Just speculation on my part but give it a try.



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