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Brush Manager and Brush List and Thumbnail View

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Hello. I'm beginning to desperate, because I've got hundreds of brushes and the Brush Panel doesn't help me at all.


I would need:


1. A Brush Manager or something similar, where I can easily select 50 brushes and move them from one category to another (I'm going crazy by having to select one brush at a time and clicking "Move brush to Category".

It would be great to have something like the Extras Manager from ON1 Photo (see attached screenshot). if you would make it like this, one could manage the Styles from there, too, in the same way than the brushes.


and 2. List View in the Brush Panel. Just the brush stroke and the brush size don't help me much. One more view would be great: "Show as a List", with the brush name and a small thumbnail to the left.


If you're not ever going to make something like this, please tell me, because I can't keep on working like this.


Thank you.



Brush Manager - Manage Extras.png

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On 6/7/2018 at 1:05 PM, TheFeralOne said:

The current way of moving brushes makes it feel like I stepped back in time 500 years...

A post of today by one of the moderators (@MEB) shows that they are aware of this but have not been able to get to it.

In a more ironic sense: I doubt that painters 500 years ago had 'hundreds and hundreds of brushes' at hand :)


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