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Filter as clipping mask creates grid in preview

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Steps to reproduce in AP 1.6:

1) Have a pixel layer

2) Set assistant to create filters as separate standalone layers

3) Create live Gaussian Blur filter, radius 1.0

4) Group the Gaussian Blur layer only into a Layer Group

5) Click drag the Gaussian Blur layer icon into the clipping mask position of the layer group, drop it on the vertical blue bar on the right side of the layer icon

6) Grid lines appear in the image view (see screenshot attached)

7) Merge visible layers. The new pixel layer have gridlines where it is transparent



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12 hours ago, Chris_K said:

This is a known issue. I have added you steps to our existing report. Thanks for raising this


Thanks Chris,

Could you share if allowing adjustment layers in the clipping mask position is even an intended feature? It surely seems confusing and undocumented.

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