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Quick question - I have just started to using Panasonic RW2 files in AP from a GH5.
It seems a lot harder to get a pleasing result than with the Nikon raws I've used in the past.
The default treatment is very flat, undersaturated but I'm having trouble producing a pleasing developed image.

(see attached image for example)


Ramping up the saturation only helps marginally, curves adjustments too.


Does anyone have a good workflow for GH5 image processing they have established?


Many thanks.




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Hi njakeman,


Are you using a PC or a Mac if it is a Mac can you please let me know if you are using Apple or Serif Labs for the RAW Engine. Is it also possible for you to send me a copy of this RAW file as I have been unable to replicate this with the GH5 raw samples that I have.

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Thanks DWright - I didn't know I could change the RAW engine.

I simply open the file in AP straight into develop mode. Where can I check this setting?


(Sample RAW attached)


EDIT: I can see that I am using the Serif engine, but the file itself came via Apple Photos - i.e. imported to library, then Exported original for use in AP




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