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Color problems with RAW import

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Hi Generoso,


Could you upload the file in question to our DropBox here and i'll have a look to see what's happening.  I just tried a sample RAW file from a D700 and it opened up as expected on my iPad.

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1 hour ago, Generoso said:

Done :D


Are you sure that's the correct file?  Only reason i ask, it's not opening for me, just opens to blank screen with the Develop options, this was on iPad using latest Beta of IOS11 and one using IOS10.  But the same happens in the Desktop version of Affinity as well.  Normally this would point to the image not being support by the RAW engine that we use (on the iPad it's the Apple RAW Engine) but i can see in the screenshot you post, you've got the image open and showing just fine and the Nikon D700 is listed as supported by the Apple (Core RAW Image).  Which version of IOS are you on and do you have the same image in a different format to the tiff file you uploaded to Dropbox?

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7 minutes ago, Generoso said:

I upload later more image can I upload in google drive and u send the link?


Yeah that's fine, just private message me with the link or if you don't mind the link being public just post it here :) 

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