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v1.6.6 EXTREMELY slow on older iMac

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Recently updated to v1.6.6 from the last 1.5.x version. Using a 27-inch Late 2013 iMac with 16gb memory, running 10.12.6


With this version, routine operations like file save/export have become EXTREMELY slow. I save the files I work on in layered TIFFs, with a typical file size of ~350mb. In the last 1.5.x build, these files would save (or export to TIFF) in about 30 seconds; with v1.6.6, file save times have jumped to an average of almost 2 *minutes*, with occasional save times of more than 4 minutes! What's more, the save times are very inconsistent; on the same files, successive saves can double with no apparent reason. During these long saves, Monitor reports Photo running up processor use to 700%!


In addition, live filter updates have become slow as well — sometimes taking nearly a full minute to completely finish application. In the old version the same operations, on the same files, took perhaps 5 seconds.


(These times are on files which I use regularly and am familiar with their performance.)


I was excited about the 1.6 update because of the claimed improvement in performance, especially with large files, but it's actually become unusably slow. Is it possible to download the last 1.5.x version and use that until issues with v1.6.x get worked out (if they ever do)?

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Further information: it appears to be Live Filter layers that are the culprit. Without any live filters, save times are fast — 10-15 seconds. Add one live filter, and the time jumps to a minute to a minute-and-a-half. With two live filters, it's a minimum of 2 minutes, and 4 minutes is common. Both also have horrendously high CPU use.


Again, this was never an issue with the last v1.5.x

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Same for me. Late 2013 27inch imac. 1.6 is slower in most tasks. I have to hit command  + 0 three times before it will register the shortcut and fit to screen. The healing brush tool is a lot slower and choppier.

Was looking forward to this as well, but consider doing what the above mentioned and restoring 1.5 from Time Machine until things improve.

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