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Hello, im new here, sorry in advance for my bad english


Since the 1.6 update im having a annoying problem when using the Pen Tool. Tried to find another topic on this, but could not find it anywhere


As i go clicking, the cursor simply stops and i have to start over again, i need to use the pen tool to create zig zag shapes but with this bug is impossible.


I made a gif with a video capture that you can see whats going on


Im using a Mac Mini, with High Sierra, AD 1.6 and a wacom tablet intuos 4


With mouse i have no problem and in the previous version this error was not happening.


Any tips on whats going on and how to fix?


Any help is highly appreciated


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Hey roberlan78,

I can't reproduce this with a mouse but I can with a tablet, especially if I do it quickly. I think the app thinks you are double tapping. If I do it lightning quick with a mouse it is fine—there's definitely something not right... I'll poke it some more and pass it to dev. Thanks! 

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