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.eps file error

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Hi everyone


I am getting a weird issue with opening some .eps files that I got from depositphotos.com, and was wondering if anyone had some insights. Basically, they appear all blurry and at a tiny size, and off center on a solid white background. I am just not sure what to do with these. These do come bundled with JPGs, but ideally I would like to work with the source eps files.


I've attached both here as zips. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!



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I downloaded the first one listed.


It is a tiny file. Yep, AD does a couple things it likely shouldn't do. It either reads the page size incorrectly, hence the page showing at the top and the right.


AD also rasterizes the area around the logo and so once removed, there is missing vector stuff. But that is because an EPS file cannot have transparency and there is a circle making up part of the logo at the bottom right that uses transparency and so AD is making a bitmap out of it and every vector "grain" of wood it touches.


The white background is simply the page--it isn't an artboard that can optionally be shown with a checkboard to indicate transparency.


The file is of a small physical size because someone took a photograph of wood and auto-traced it. Which results in a bazillion pieces and a resulting a gazillion nodes. They kept it small in order to manage this.


Opening that file in AI and resaving as an AI with PDF copy (the default in AI) fixes these issues. The page size is described correctly, the logo with transparency comes in on its own layer and maintains the circle part of the logo with the correct opacity and as vector objects. Oh, and the AI version is 1/3 the size.


If you have the option of a PDF, that may have been correctly made and would then bypass the listed issues. If there is an AI version and they saved it with the PDF copy (again, the default setting) it may come in correctly. But AD needs AI files saved with this option because that is actually what AD is opening, the PDF portion of an AI file.


I imagine the second file is similar. But I didn't download it.


I have used some wood plank photos in my work in the past. I have always gone for the largest size of the image formats. Such a thing when made as vector is rarely needed, even for the large format work I do. As vector, dealing with the slowness just has never been worth it to me. And there are large bitmap images of such a thing freely found on the Internet.



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