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NLE (Video Editing)

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Having become a bit more familiar (and happy) with your software (for Mac), I think you guys would do a nice job in creating video editing software. Video is such a huge part -- globally -- of creative work. I hope video editing is something Serif will consider getting into.


Motion graphics is critical, too, but I'd be happy with at least an NLE, by Serif, to start out with.


Thank you! :)

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This request comes up a lot, but I hope Serif does not bother with an NLE video editor or motion graphics app.


On the Mac side you have Apple's Motion which goes for $50 to do motion graphics. For an NLE, Blackmagic Design offers a free version of DaVinci Resolve. The DaVinci Resolve Studio version is $300 and has more high end features but the free version is very capable.


How can Serif compete with a free version of Resolve? Or even compete with Motion and its $50 price tag? They really can't and I would rather them concentrate and finish implementing features for Designer, Photo and finally get Publisher in our hands. They are a small company and I fear trying to develop too many programs would be a bad thing, they might stretch themselves too thin, lose focus, etc.


Just my 2 cents.

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You make good points, Scungio. 


I guess, when I see a company doing a good job in a particular area, I naturally want to see them fill a wide array of needs. I did not realize that Serif is a small group.


Just this month, I decided to end my Adobe subscription -- I will check-out the software that you mentioned. Thank you!

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