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pieter heres

startup problem in Mac

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Herewith my conversation on the facebookpage concerning a start up problem of affinity:

me: now I'm having an awkward problem: affinity won't start up. I get the logo and then a black screen and the colored wheel that keeps turning. I've already restarted the Mac but it doesn't help. I recently installed macOS high Sierra. could that be the reason?


answer:Hi Pieter, it should be working fine. Please could you try opening the app with the CTRL key held down then click Select All and then Clear to see if that resolves your issue?


me: I thought I solved it... with your advice I succeed in opening the software with appearance of the start up screen but then the fireball appears again and it is there to stay and the program doesn't run...


answer:Hi Pieter, please could you make a post about this on our Support Forum found below so a member of our Development team can look into this further for you? https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/forum/38-bugs-in-affinity-designer-affinity-photo/

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HI pieter heres


Can you try removing the app and re-downloading trough the app store? If this still fails can you provides details about your system, processor graphics card etc along with another other software that may be running such as finder managers, font managers, clipboard managers, anti-virus etc



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so I removed the app and re-installed it: same problem.

macOS high Sierra, version 10.13.1

Modelname:    MacBook Pro

  Model:    MacBookPro13,3

  Processorname:    Intel Core i7

  Processorspeed:    2,7 GHz

  Number processors:    1

  Total  cores:    4

  L2-cache (per core):    256 KB

  L3-cache:    8 MB

  Memory:    16 GB

  Opstart-ROM-version:    MBP133.0233.B00

  SMC-versie (systeem):    2.38f7


no other software as you mentioned....




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