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Hi, greetings from outer space!

I've been using Adobe since 11 years, I'm a graphic designer and illustrator.


Affinity Designer is a great product but still needs some work.

I have some questions for you.


1. The screens show how the colors look like:

A - Screen from Affinity Designer
B - Screen from exported PDF
C - Screen after printing






Colors after printing have changed and my client was a little surprised, me too.

The problem is that both colors are grouped and labeled NORMAL.


Why do not I see what will be printed?


I know if I label a group as PASSTROUGH it will be ok. But you know..


Please reply.


My wishlist:

Expand stroke
Scissors for strokes will be life saver.
brush which can do vector / stroke dot

Colours changer in document like illustrator have. Hmm or maybe there is some option to see all colours in document?



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Hi StraightFromSpace


Passthrough and normal blend modes are slightly different in their function. iIf passthrough works than i suggest using that. But the output should somewhat resemble what is shown on screen


Sounds simple but could you provide the file? It would be good to see things like colour profiles being used to see if that part of the issue as well as anything with the file structure


I shall take it this is printing directly from Affinity and printing from the PDF is fine?



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Hi Chris_K 


How can i send the file directly to you? i don't want to put this here.. 


Print came out with wrong colors from PDF this is the main file which i always send to my clients.

also i can see this issue when i open this PDF in photoshop.


Waiting for e-mail or something. 



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Ok, Chris


I have a nice quest for you all... I delete layers and left only one to send you the file after save... Then i checked and everything is ok.. Whaat?!


So.. i delete single leyers and save, and next and next. 


Now file have two logotypes both gruped one of the group PASSTROUGH second is NORMAL. 


And there is layer with globe, when you left this layer and export to pdf and print, group with normal mode will change colours ! 


When you delete layer with Globe Both groupes after export to pdf and print will be ok.


Screens and original file in attach. This is weird.


Waiting for reply.



Issue I.png

issue II.png


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