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From looking around it sounds like once you buy Affinity Designer you can install it on as many computers as you wish, just you can only use it on a single computer at a time. This is great because I have multiple computers that I work on. Where there might be a problem is I work both on Windows and on Mac. So Ideally an license would also be cross-platform. From what I can tell though this is not the case, I would have to buy a license for Windows and a separate license for Mac. Is this correct?

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Bugger. I have the same issue. Main computer is Mac and Laptop is PC. I'm used to cross platform licensing with all my other software so this does come as a bit of a shock. Perhaps I should have stuck with Adobe after all, as Indesign was my most used piece of software and it looks as though Affinity is dragging its feet with getting its publishing software released.

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Hi petriknz,

Welcome to Affinity Forums :)

Serif has a relatively small dev team compared to other software companies. We need to cover the costs of developing for other platforms since they have specific requirements/require separated dev teams. The price of out apps is quite affordable even if you have to buy them twice to use on both Mac or Windows since we have no subscription.


It's true that Affinity Publisher is taking more time than what we anticipated - there was various reasons for the delay already explained somewhere else on these forums - but the development is progressing well. We recently published a preview of it working and gave an eta for the Public Beta - for more info please check this thread here.

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I came to the forums looking for an answer to this question. Late last year, I chose to drop Adobe since after using their products since the mid-nineties because I no longer wanted to shell out the yearly subscription fee. I chose Affinity Photo and Designer as my replacements, and presumably will purchase Publisher once it is released.


My main computer is a Mac, but I occasionally need to use a Windows laptop that I own as a secondary device. I would like to encourage the Affinity team to consider a discount for owners of the apps on one platform purchasing the same apps on the other. I fully believe in supporting the company, so I'm not even asking for the apps on the other platform to be made available for free. A discount would be helpful, though.

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Welcome to the Serif Affinity Forums, @R. Mansfield. :)


46 minutes ago, R. Mansfield said:

I would like to encourage the Affinity team to consider a discount for owners of the apps on one platform purchasing the same apps on the other.


As discussed elsewhere, the retail Mac versions of the Affinity apps are only sold via the Mac App Store, run by Apple. Since Apple and Serif don't share their customer data with each other, there would be no way for either of them to know whether you qualify for such a discount.


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