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Unstable Symbols in Designer/Photo

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Hi guys,

I have the Versions:

Photo 1.6.6

Designer 1.6



I have experienced the following issue(s):

- when having many instances on stage at some points Affinity Designer stops updating instances .. somehow it creates a duplicate of a symbol WITHOUT adding that one to the Symbols library.

- Also something weird happens in Designer when you have maaany instances ... I am talking really many (grouped and with effects on top like gaussian blur) ... imaging needles of a hedgehog ... at some point it just hides some symbols or updates symbols even on hiding one of them ... or/and crashes the file and the app ... so really weird and I hat to flatten all symbols to stop it ... please can you make it more stable even with many instances? And even with huge documents

- when jumping to “Photo” from “Designer” and continue editing I really miss the “Symbols library panel” in “Photo” (why is it not existing in PHOTO) but still it somehow understands the symbols even when then going back to “Designer” 



thanks in advance ... please come back to me for more info if needed


I found some similar issue here:



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Hi nightingale


Do you have any files that can demonstrate the issues in your first two points we can look into at all? I can be difficult to see what it happening form a description only especially if it requires a file to be in a certain state.


Symbols is not something that is generally using in a photo editing app so it is only included in designer where is it more commonly used. Photo will still understand what a symbol but yo can not manipulate it the same. Although the apps have a lot of common features, not all will be shared intentionally to stop them from being bloated. This is why we have the ability to pass the file between the apps



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