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[AP] Color problem with Nik Collection

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that's how the problem manifests itself for me:
- image developed in Affinity Photo and passed to Persona Photo,
- Color Efex call by the filter menu,
- the image appears desaturated in the Color Efex window without filter loading, (see the attached file)
- application of a filter, for example a cross processing and return in Affinity Photo,
- the image appears normal as before the call to Color Efex but with the application of the filter.

Then I tried something else:
- export of the developed image in TIFF then exit of Affinity Photo,
- opening of the exported image, the TIFF, directly in Color Efex in stand alone,
- the image appears normal in Color Efex, no desaturated, according to the Affinity Photo window.

I think that there is a problem of color management in the passage of the image from Affinity Photo to Color Efex, but that in return, it is the original image that receives the application of the filter (passage of your very large 32-bit space into a smaller space, hence the desaturation).

Obviously, this can be a problem since the corrections made on the filters depend on what we see in the Color Efex window!


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Normal, it must be feeded back ..
it's nice to say that the problem is known, but the small problems of color management drag since the very beginning ...

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