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Size Variance to allow texture image brushes to maintain aspect ratio


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Hello Affinity friends :)
I'm trying to use the texture image brush to create the cups on an octopus tentacle with strokes.
The issue I am having is the size variance only scales top to bottom (y-axis) and not the width (x-axis).
This causes the cups to squish.

To tried to use the pixel persona and simply paint each cup one by one in the various decreasing sizes using a short cut key, but there is no way for me to rotate the brush image using an assigned short cut key when the tentacles are twisting and curving.



Using vector curves would be of preference.
Is there a way around this?





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I found a work around (unless there is a more efficient way please let me know)

1. I created one long horizontal image (2400px x 200px @ 300dpi) and scaled down each cup.
2. Export as .png
3. Import as <new image brush>

4. Create desired curve
5. Select your new image brush and Voila!
Note: you will need to create two; one towards the left and one towards the right. You will see why if you try it. ;)

Super long at first but it beats placing them one at a time...

Yay! :)

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