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Save / Export Custom Brushes

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How do I export custom brushes or the entire custom brush category to have a backup copy and improve it to other devices?


I see how to import brushes in the brushes studio but I don’t see a way to import them.


Thanks, Larry 

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Hi there,

Lee, you replied above that THE IPAD - VERSION does not have the option to export brushes or save/backup.  My question is what about WINDOWS?  I have A GOB :- ) of custom brushes imported into affinity.  It's been a bear getting each one individually moved into A CATEGORY, but finally it is done.  The prospect of LOSING THEM ALL is wicked.  Is there a way to backup that file for the windows version?  Or, can you tell me where imported brushes are stored within AFFINITY and I can add that file name to my WINDOWS FILE HISTORY BACKUPS?  Also, second question - is there a limit as to how many brushes can be held in the BRUSH SECTION?  I have a lot more not yet loaded into AFFINITY, but did not want to risk crashing the thing . . .

Thanks so much for any help and hope everyone is having a lovely 2018 so far!

Best, Mandy

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