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Brush resizing & softening/sharpening with Alt+Pen Right Click+Display Contact

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last week CW44 I've done some updates on my main working pc. such as windows from 1603 to 1703 and the affinity to the 16 version. Unfortunately, I realized the issue that

(brush resizing & softening/sharpening with Alt+Pen Right Click+Display Contact) doesn't work anymore. I've attached a video file with this bug.

As a graphic tablet, I use a  UGEE 2150.

My first thought was the affinity 16 or the driver of the UGEE is the problem. So I reinstalled the affinity photo 15 back. It had still the same problem. So I reinstalled the drivers from the UGEE. still the same problem. as the last step, I reinstalled windows 10 completely to the version 10240. In the end, this was the only way to run affinity photo 16 without this resizing bug.

To be sure that this bug is reproducible and somehow related to the latest win10 update I tried the Affinity Photo on another PC with win10 1703 connected to a Wacom 27HD Touch - same bug.

AND on a 2in1 tablet CUBE i7 but running on 1603 windows build. and it has the same issue.


As mentioned in the video with this behavior is attached.

Guys, I really love your software I paint a lot with it but this bug is a major blocker in my workflow. At least if I want to work on the latest windows version. For now, I will work on the old 10240 build but I hope this can be fixed somehow that I can use an up to date windows again.

By the way, Photoshop does not have this issue - I hope this additional info helps as well ;)




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Hi yeahwgeni


I've tried this with the tablets we have here (which are mainly wacom) and it seems to work ok for us. With the Windows updates, they generally make changes to Windows ink whcih could be causing an issue so it may be worth trying to disable this and see if it males a difference. I shall pass this on to our development team but it may also need ugee to add compatibility their end too



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